Cidre Ecusson Bio Brut

Maison Ecusson, Normandy, Ranska Luomu

4.5 %


Clear amber in colour, this organic cider is full of flavours and lightness with fragrances of apple pie, vanilla and pear. The palate, all about suppleness and balance, will mix aromas of fresh apple, vanilla and lightly roasted caramel.


  • Kana ja kalkkuna
  • Maljakuohuviini
  • Porsas
  • Rasvainen kala
  • Salaatit ja kasvisruoka


Maison Ecusson was founded in 1919 in Livarot, Normandy. It selects and blends the flavors of nearly 20 of the best varieties of Norman and Breton cider apples, to create crisp and fruity ciders. The Maison Ecusson controls every chapter of cider production from the selection of apples varieties to the bottling. Designated as Organic Agriculture (AB), this cider has been conceived following strict rules and restrictions. Nowadays, Ecusson is the cider leader in the Fernch market and produces over five million bottles of cider a year.

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