Estrella Galicia Especial

Hijos de Rivera S.A., Galicia, Espanja

4.7 %
25 IBU
13 Plato
Premium Lager


Bright golden premium lager. The aroma reminds to the taste of the barley and malt used in its production, with crispy roast notes and remembrances of dried fruits and nuts. This beer displays a neutral and light taste on the palate, with a very strong hoppy tone.


Nugget, Perle Hellertau


Pilsen, Toasted Malt


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The Estrella Galicia brewery was founded in 1906 by José María Rivera Corral when he returned to galicia after emigrating to Cuba and Mexico. The company began its brewing activity in 1910.

During the roaring twenties, the founder’s son Ramón Rivera became one of the first Spaniards to obtain the title of Master Brewer. The second generation introduced the mechanisation of the production process, a key decision for the future of the company.

After the sudden halt produced by the Spanish Civil War and World War II, between 1936 and 1945, the company began to enjoy a period of stability in keeping with the new world order. The third generation of the Rivera family began to get involved in the direction of the company in 1949. With time, beer began to be a part of Spanish consumer habits.

In 1967 the decision was taken to acquire land in the industrial estate in A Grela (A Coruña). At the end of 1968, the new facilities were inaugurated in 1972, and Estrella Galicia Especial was brewed for the first time.

Estrella Galicia’s growth continued, and in 1999 José María Rivera Trallero, bolonging to the fourth generation of the family, was elected as General Director. In 2006, the company celebrated its centenary in the company of King Juan Carlos: A century of passion for beer. The first member of the fifth generation of the Rivera family entered the Board of Directions in 2012.

At present, the firm remains 100 per cent family owned, with its founder’s great grandson and namesake, José María Rivera and his partner Stuart Krenz, as company president.

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