Hoppe IPA

Suomenlinna Brewery, Helsinki, Suomi Vegaani

6.0 %
50 IBU
14.2 Plato


Hoppe IPA is dry and fruity, reddish, strongly hopped English style IPA.


  • Grilliruoka
  • Makkararuoka
  • Pataruoka
  • Pitsat ja pikkulämpimät


This drink has received its name from Fredrik Vilhelm Hoppe. Lieutenant Hoppe led the construction work at the fortress of Suomenlinna as a subordinate of Ehrensvärd. He served as a fortress designer, draftsman, and supervisor, and some of Hoppe’s drawings have even survived to this day. During trips abroad he fell in love with strongly hopped British beer styles and imported these for himself and friends to speed up the construction work on Suomenlinna.


The brewing tradition in Helsinki is hundreds of years old. The latest chapter of this story began in 1995 on the island of Suomenlinna right outside of the city. It is here that a one man brewery was founded in the former jetty barracks. The brewery has grown to be home for a small group of dedicated professionals, all passionate about beer culture in Finland. Now Suomenlinna Brewery is one of the largest local breweries in town. The rich history at this UNESCO world heritage site has been the inspiration for many new beers at Suomenlinna Brewery. Each beer and cider we brew has its own story to tell.

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