Magners Original Irish Cider

William Magner Ltd., Clonmel, Irlanti

4.5 %
35 g/l


When William Magner set out to make Ireland’s greatest cider in 1935, this is what he came up with. Made with 17 different varieties of fallen apples, pressed and then kept in the dark to mature for a couple of years, it is the crispest, most refreshing way to celebrate any moment. Golden amber in colour, well rounded taste with balanced acidity and sweetness. It has a delicate but deep fruity flavour derived from fresh ripe apples with hints of oak and spicy vine fruits.


  • Aperitiivit
  • Pitsat ja pikkulämpimät
  • Salaatit ja kasvisruoka
  • Seurustelujuoma


Once the initial alcohol fermentation is completed, the young cider is carefully moved to mature in the dark. Why in the dark? Because it just tastes better.

The fresh juice ciders are continually monitored during maturation and selected for use when the taste profile is at the right stage as decided upon by our expert cider makers and our cider is only ready when it is ready. This highlights the critical importance of taste and flavour in Magners production.


Dowd’s Lane in Clonmel is where the enthusiastic William Magner established this iconic business back in 1930. The company grew so quickly that in 1937, Bill had to join forces with the English cider-makers H.P. Bulmer and Co of Hereford, securing the rights to the Bulmers brand name in the Republic of Ireland.

Today the company continues to own the trade mark Bulmers® in the Republic of Ireland but it is no longer connected with HP Bulmer Ltd of Hereford (UK), since is now part of the C&C Group Plc. Over the years our cider became so famous beyond Ireland’s borders – for its crispy taste and refreshingly clean finish – that in year 2000, Bulmers Ltd launched its export brand, Magners.

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