Piper Wit

Suomenlinna Brewery, Helsinki, Suomi Vegaani

4.7 %
15.5 IBU


Piper Wit is as light and fresh as summer, easily drinkable pale wheat beer, that has a distinctive citrus aroma in it’s taste. It’s been seasoned with not only coriander and bitter orange, also with sweet orange. This beer is loyal to it’s style, elegant and a multi-dimensional treat.


  • Äyriäiset
  • Itämainen ruoka
  • Jälkiruoka
  • Nautiskelujuoma
  • Salaatit ja kasvisruoka
  • Seurustelujuoma
  • Vähärasvainen kala


Witbiers are a light, fresh and elegant Belgian style of beer. These wheat beers are straw yellow or very pale golden yellow in color. They are seasoned with coriander and sometimes also with curaçao or even orange.

Between 1780–84 Peter Bernhard Piper worked as a commandant of Suomenlinna fortress. Places on the island named after him are Café Piper and the park Piper, where many couples get wed today. Perhaps mademoiselles with their compagnie also enjoyed the fresh biére blanche while having a pique-nique in the park of Piper.


The brewing tradition in Helsinki is hundreds of years old. The latest chapter of this story began in 1995 on the island of Suomenlinna right outside of the city. It is here that a one man brewery was founded in the former jetty barracks. The brewery has grown to be home for a small group of dedicated professionals, all passionate about beer culture in Finland. Now Suomenlinna Brewery is one of the largest local breweries in town. The rich history at this UNESCO world heritage site has been the inspiration for many new beers at Suomenlinna Brewery. Each beer and cider we brew has its own story to tell.

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