Wisby Lager

Gotlands Bryggeri, Gotland, Ruotsi Vegaani

4.7 %
30 IBU
11.2 Plato
Pale Lager


Wisby Lager is an amber-coloured beer with a taste of red berries, the signature Monroe hops adding a mild hint of both orange and toffee. It is a modern, flavourful lager that doesn’t compromise on quality.




  • Kana ja kalkkuna
  • Pasta
  • Pitsat ja pikkulämpimät
  • Porsas
  • Rasvainen kala


Gotlands Bryggeri follows its own course, producing Gotland interpretations of traditional beer styles. A traditional lager made in Gotland style using local brewing techniques.


In less than a year, Gotlands Bryggeri went from concept to producing its first beer. It was late one evening in September 1994 when Johan Spendrup received a call from his father, Jens. He wanted Johan to leave his job at a brewery in Norway and help with a new project.

“He told me that they wanted to build a brewery on Gotland, and in a hurry,” says Johan.

Gotlands Bryggeri was to be built from scratch and had to be ready by Midsummer the following year.

“I realised it was mission impossible, but I took it on nevertheless. In fact, by Midsummer’s Eve 1995 we were brewing our first beer on the scaffolding,” he says, laughing. The Wisby Klosteröl beer was born.

People, nature and flavour are the driving force and inspiration for Gotlands Bryggeri. The brewery’s beers are imbued with local traditions and craftsmanship. Every brew from Gotlands Bryggeri originates from the company’s address at Sankt Hansgatan 47, within the city wall of Visby. In a world that smells of malt and hops, some of Sweden’s most popular beers are created.

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